All About Poly Gel Coffin Nails

Nail extensions are so popular this year. A lot of people do wear nail extensions not only famous celebrities but also ordinary people. They are a lifesaver for people who can’t make their natural nails grow long!

These nail enhancements also come in a lot of forms and types. But now, we will focus on one specific type which is the poly gel coffin nails. To know more about these pretty nails, we need to define what are coffin nails first.


Coffin Nails, Are They For The Dead?

Going inside the nail salon, one of the questions that they will ask you is what will be the shape of your nails. Looking through the Internet, you will see that there are lots of nail types ranging from short to long. One of the most common nail types you will see are coffin nails.

Coffin nails are coffin-shaped nails and hailed as Kylie’s signature nail shape. These nails are long like the stiletto nails, but they have square-cut ends. This makes them look like a coffin and they are also sometimes called ballerina nails.


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What are Polygel Nails?

Polygel nails are one of the nail enhancements that are available nowadays. Polygel is a mix of acrylic powder and gel. The product is set on the top of your natural nail, then the nail tech will shape and sculpt it.

Polygel nails are comfortable to wear and they are easy to remove or file off. They are also flexible and easy to sculpt and shape.

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Where to Get These Polygel Coffin Nails?

If you are wanting to have polygel coffin nails, you can go to your trusted nail salon. Ask them then if they are doing polygel nail extensions.

But if you are a DIY woman, buy a polygel kit online and then form it into a coffin shape. Beware though, first tries at DIYs are not easy. But, once you’ve mastered them, it will save you a lot of money! You won’t need to go to the nail salon anymore for your nails.

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