Be Classy With These Black Matte Coffin Nail Designs

There are no rules when it comes to doing your nail designs. Be colorful all you want or stick to being a monochrome girl. One of the most classy colors that you can use for your nails is the color black. Use that color with a matte finish and you will get elegant nails.
One of the most types of nail shapes you can see online is the coffin nails. The coffin nails are like stiletto nails but with flat ends. They are also referred to as ballerina nails as they look like the shape of ballerina’s foot.
If you are wanting to do coffin nails, you can definitely try these black matte coffin nails ideas! Scroll down to see some of them.

Do It With Long Coffin Nails

Long nails are popular nowadays. Whether for aesthetic or just experimenting, seeing someone with long nails amazed me. I know that long nails aren’t for everyone that is why I applaud these ladies who can do justice with these nails. Looking for inspiration for your next nail salon visit? Try these black matte long coffin nails.


Credit: Instagram/@haily_naillicious_nails




Credit: Instagram/@paradisenails5094


Credit: Instagram/@310nailz

Shine with Rhinestones

One of the favorite accessories in nail designing right now are rhinestones. Rhinestones make any nail design look elegant and so pretty! Aside from that, they also add that cute bling and shine to your nails. They come in different sizes and shapes too.
Adding rhinestones on a black matte nail? Must be heaven in beauty! Try these black matte coffin nails with rhinestones for your next IG nail story.






Credit: Instagram/@haha_nails_


Credit: Instagram/@nailsbymztina


Credit: Instagram/@nailzbyjeeess

Let Your Nails Shine With Gold and Glitter

Yes girl, blind them with those shiny things! Slay those black matte nails with glitters or with gold accessories. You can either choose one nail in your hands to have a glitter effect for that stand-out look! Want to see more nail designs with gold and glitter? Check them out below.
Credit: Instagram/@mireyas_nail_salon


Credit: Instagram/@hongnhungnails


Credit: Instagram/@naturalrootsista


Credit: Instagram/@dallasnailbarspa


Credit: Instagram/@tony_pham711

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