Christmas-Themed Coffin Nail Designs That You Can Wear This Jolly Season

Ah, Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! Since it is the season to be jolly, why not express your positivity with your nails too? In this blog, we’ll tackle different Christmas nail designs for coffin-shaped nails.

Coffin nails are a type of nail shape or form that is like the stilettos. They are long, but what makes them different from stiletto nails is their ends. Coffin nails have a square-type end which makes them look like coffins. Stiletto nails have pointy ones.

Scroll down and take a look at the cool coffin nail designs that you can wear this Christmas!

Be Jolly with Red and White

It is normal to see Christmas decorations in red and white combinations. Santa Claus’ clothes even have this color combination! These red and white Christmas-themed coffin nails are gorgeous! There are reindeer, candy canes, snowflakes, and so much more. Look at these pictures and take note of the design that you can copy!

Credit: Pinterest/Kristi Albino


Credit: Instagram/@pink_chiffon_nails


Credit: weheartit/ZZ0917 ™




Credit: Instagram/@shuey_cortez

Feel the Cold with These Winter Wonderland Designs

Be like Elsa and feel the power of the snow in your hands with these winter-themed coffin nails! They can also fall under Christmas designs since winter is in the Christmas season. Feel classy with the white, snowy nails or be cute with the simpler designs. Here are some of the designs that are cool to try!


Credits: Pinterest/Rachael Mueller




Credits: Instagram/ @thenails_beauty





Have a Sparkly and Glittery Celebration

Now we will talk about all those shimmers and shine with the Christmas-themed designs. Since sparkling lights are in during Christmas time, why not make your nails sparkly too? Try out any of these nail designs! For sure you will captivate eyes during Christmas dinner because of the sparkle.

Credits: Instagram/@amelasnailz


Credits: Instagram/@_thepaintednail_


Credits: Instagram/@soniawilliams_nailartist




Credits: Instagram/@nailedbyvu

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