Elegant Matte Square Nails That Are To Die For

There are a lot of nail designs online and to be honest, nail fashion has been in the spotlight for a long time now. For now let’s focus on one of the cute nail shapes out there in elegant design, the elegant matte square nails.

Let’s Talk About Square Nails

Square nails are nails that are square in shape. Pretty self-explanatory, right? They have straight and sharp edges that have a square shape at the tip.
They can also be in long and short length too! But most often, they are suitable for shorter lengths to minimized the tapering of the edges. Square nails also need less maintenance so they are fit for those busy girls out there!
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So Much Love For Matte!

Matte, I know you have seen this popular word in the beauty industry. Matte makeup, matte foundation, matte lipstick, and yes, we have matte nails too. A matte finish means it has no shine and has a flat color.
Matte nails are in for all seasons! You can either use matte nail polish to achieve the matte look or use a matte topcoat for on your nails. And if you think a matte finish will make your nails boring, you are wrong. Matte nails look elegant and cool! They make colors pop out and give your nails luxurious and velvet vibes.
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Elegant Matte Square Nail Designs That You Need To Try ASAP!

We both now identified what are square nails and matte polish. Now let’s look at elegant matte square nail designs that you can try! Scroll down to look at the following nail design ideas and copy them for your next IG-worthy nail-fie!
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