Halloween Nails You Must Try in 2020

Call me a weirdo or something but I am one of those people who takes Halloween season seriously. I anticipate it so much yearly and I am excited when it is just a few months or days away. It isn’t just because of the costumes or the Trick or Treating of kids. I believe that there is something quite magical and spooky (in a good way) during Halloween.

Maybe you have already planned your Halloween costume this ear and even the makeup or SFX to go with it. But what about your nails? Why don’t you match them with your theme and costume too? Give love to your nails and have an effort to do them this Halloween season.

Now, are you convinced to do your nails for Halloween? Keep on reading to get some cool nail designs that you can try.

Scare Them With These Bloody Designs

Ah, Halloween. A time for those stories with gore tags and costumes with blood everywhere. If you have hemophobia, I feel sorry for you during this season. Take a look at the nail designs below. I can guarantee that you will be spooky with any of them.

Credit: trymyhand.blogspot.com


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Credit: Instagram/@nailsbycambria

You Can Never Go Wrong With Orange

Aside from black, orange is one of the traditional colors of Halloween. It also a color present in the Autumn palette, the same season where the celebration of Halloween usually falls. Even the pumpkins that are turned into Jack-o-lanterns are orange in color too! Try these orange nail design ideas to increase that Halloween Vibes

Credit: nevermindpolish.com


Credit: Instagram/@de.lish.ious.nails


Credit: Stayglam.com


Credit: Pinterest/Tia Murphy-Rowe




Credit: hubpages.com

Bewitch Them With Witch-inspired Designs

The witch is one of the characters that is commonly portrayed during the Halloween season. A black dress, a pointy hat, the cauldron, a black cat, your flying broom, and voila! You have a witch costume now. Scroll down to see of the witch-inspired designs that you can try this spooky season!

Credit: Instagram/@pampernailgallery


Credit: Instagram/@pampernailgallery


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Credit: Instagram/@jtt.nailart

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